The church weddings journey

For such a special day, you want a special place. A church is so much more than a wedding venue. God will be there with you to bless you - on the day and always.

You can talk to us about a church wedding even if you feel you are not "really" religious, if you don't regularly go to church, whether or not you are christened, if you are concerned about budget - or a great deal of other questions.

We can talk through your day, suggest ideas, hymns, readings and adding personal touches. We will be with you throughout your planning - to help with these decisions, your rehearsal and preparing for the day itself.

All you need to know about finding your special church, a ceremony planner and a walk through the wedding service tool - can be found here This site is to show you what happens in a Church of England wedding, step by step - and you can discuss all your needs, ideas, and get answers to your questions with us here at the Ascension.

For more information please contact Revd Angela Plummer on 0191 285 7803 or