A Christian Funeral

​​A Prayer when someone has died

Lord Jesus, I entrust N.... into your loving hands.

I give you thanks for all the blessings of his/her life, and for the love and friendship we shared together.

Send your Holy Spirit at this moment to deepen my faith in your presence and fill me with the hope that your promises may be fulfilled for N...:

the joy of resurrection and a place in your Father's House.


At the Church of Ascension we can provide supportive information for those organising or attending a Church of England funeral and coping with bereavement.

We can help you plan the funeral - helping with reading choices, hymns, services and much more - please do get in contact if we can be of any assistance. We work with funeral directors and you and/or your family to help you prepare for this day

For more information please contact Revd Angela Plummer on 0191 285 7803 or aplummer@live.co.uk

The Church of England has a dedicated website to raise awareness of the choices that you or your loved ones have, as well as support and information. Visitors can find information on planning a funeral and also what to expect: www.churchofenglandfunerals.org