"The Church receives these children with joy."

If you are thinking about getting your child Christened - please do have a read of this information and get in touch with us here at the Church of Ascension.

You can have your child christened regardless of whether you have been christened yourself and you can talk to us here at the Church of Ascension whether or not you have been a regular church goer.

We will do everything to make you and your family welcome on this special day - we know how stressful getting families and friends together can be.

We can help you at all stages of the planning of this wonderful occasion - offering details about preparing for baptism, what happens at the service in a step by step guide, and the continuing journey of faith afterwards.

We can also provide information for those you wish to become your child's godparent - answer some frequently asked questions, and how they will be involved.

For more information please contact Revd Angela Plummer on 0191 285 7803 or

You can also check out the Church of England website for more information: